Lackluster World

Eric Adams has, thus far, produced three issues of his brilliant book - Lackluster World. The main protagonist is albino newspaper journalist Fahrenheit Monahan whose bitter and defensive outlook on life fuels this dark satire and leads him into conflict with his aggressively fundamentalist religious brother & sister.

Fahrenheit's world might be lackluster, but not comic world that Adams has created. The art is dense, lush and fluid. I actually bought an original page at a SPACE Con in Ohio in 2006 and you can literally feel the layers on the artboard. The look may be cartoony, but the subject is serious food for though. Have we become too commercialized to the point of societal sterility? Is there really anybody out there you can trust and depend? Why do we live our lives performing jobs we hate?

I highly recommend you visit and pick up a set of issues, and perhaps a cool t-shirt that asks the important question: "Where were you the day you died?"