Under The Midnight Sun

Writer Chris Studabaker and artist Dusty Neal have created a short story both serene and surreal. A melancholy tale for the environmentalist, the conservationalist. A parable that reminds us of that old adage "It is not the goal, but the journey." The unattainable is what drives us, and we cannot surrender to failure.

Sorry if that seems too vague, but if I described it as "about a shadow who has the impossible dream of seeing the sun one day and
what happens in his struggle to do so" it would be incomplete, as would describing it as a masterpiece of cross hatching style artwork - but it's all that as well.

This story is set to debut as a special preview short run comic at SPACE 2007 in Columbus, OH (and has also been nominated for a Day Prize) and will be collected in The Fablewood Anthology in January of 2008 (www.fablewoodcomic.com) published by Ape Entertainment (www.ape-entertainment.com).